Aussie Skyhawk Tales

For the ground crew who got the A4 into the air and the pilots who brought them back


In July 1967, the USA handed over the first of 16 A-4G and 4 TA-4G McDonnell Douglas jet fighters to the Australian Government. These aircraft were to be used to form the new VF-805 (8 A-4G) & VC-724 Squadrons and be based out of the Naval Air Station (NAS) Nowra NSW.

805 Squadron was the navy's frontline squadron and when not at NAS Nowra would be embarked on the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne whilst 724 Squadron became the Flying Training School for the Skyhawk Aircraft, supporting both 805 Squadron and naval ships at sea.

Both squadrons and their respective aircraft distinguished themselves over the following 16 years until 1982 when the Australian Government withdrew the Skyhawk from carrier service and then, 1 year later in 1983, announced the aircraft would be withdrawn from service and sold to the New Zealand Government for use by the RNZAF.

As the name suggests, this is a site dedicated to the real and many tales about the aircraft, squadrons, aircraft carrier and dedicated sailors who helped make the legend that is the Skyhawk.

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